Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What you like/dislike about your English lecturer

What I like/dislike about my English Lecturer? Hummm , I don't know how to start it. Mr Azalan Bayu Bin Zakaria. He is cute.. hahaha... ok...ok.. seriously I'm not experience to comment my lecturer but I will try.ok what i like about him. First, mostly special he always attempt to teach our class.

My Experience During Drama Presentation

wow...firstly I want to tell you,I can't believed  that we were group won!! we were present about peace a theme 1 Malaysia. I as Mak Minah..oh so sweet. Yet, I also tension because have certain person in my group not cooperate, I weird, why he's attitude like that, I don't want to tell anyone. who's that guy .But he is main actor. I felt so sad when certain audience that i recognise. They said my drama not attractive then i think enough reach my drama was settle. I have finished my liability as Mak Minah and Stage Manager. I feel so tired when i must liable that position and I also worried because I think I cannot handle it,but I already make it. I so HAPPY. Thank you to my lecturer because give me experience and make me have a confident or very self confident. I assured I able liable this position...

                                                                 >  WITH PROP <

                                                       >  MAK MINAH VS AUNTIE KIM <


                                                   I WILL CONTINUE MY EXPERIENCE...