Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Husband Material

1) write in about 50 words about marriage from your point of view after reading "Husband Material".
- in my opinion, marriage is about happiness life and i think..

2) will you choose your own spouse or just let your parents to do that? Justify your answer?
- I will like let my parents to do that for me,because I'm don't like to look find one for me.. because i was born as a Muslim an i strictly follow Islam as a way of life.Muslim parents are actually the persons to choose a going to be husband for their daughter.Of course the parents will have discussions first before accepting the proposal.I'm loyal and obedient to my parents and i believed that their choice made by them i should be more happier ever after and hopeful be blessed by God Almighty

3) What is the meaning of 'husband material' based on dictionary and from your understanding?
> Husband material is husband character.. and from my understanding i would like to say 

4) Give at least two moral values you can learn from "Husband Material".Explain your answer with textual evidence..
> Sex before married not good for teenager
> Don't give your heart 100% to man

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Michael Jackson

1) List down 2 attitues of Michael Jackson'S mother?

2) What is your personal opinion about Michael Jackson's father?
> I think Michael Jackson father have pooq behaviour,he always pushed their growing family's musical interest at home.He is temper father.He had been guitarist but was forced to give up his musical ambition..he love his guitar.he did not like anybody touch his guitar although his son but he also have a bit good behaviour,he is responsible father

3) How many siblings Michael Jackson has and who are they?
Michael Jackson have 9 siblings.the first name....
> Rebbie Jackson
> Jackie Jackson
> Tito Jackson
> Jermaine Jackson
> La Toya Jackson
> Marlon Jackson
> Michael Jackson
> Randy Jackson
> Janet Jackson

4) What are the uniqueness of Michael Jackson
> The unique thing about Michael Jackson is that original face outlook is ugly.Being an artist he raised enough money for a plastic surgery.His entire face was transformed to a very handsome young man by a plastic surgery.He became so famous and the world accept him as the no1 pop rock hero.

5) Do you think Michael Jackson's death is a big  lost to the world?Give your reasons.

6) What is the best scene in "American Dream"
> The best scene is when michael jackson make his father angry with him,and he cannot dinner with family..and he angry too.and his father run after to hit michael jackson,n michael jackson run go to bedroom. The scene make me sad.. This is because i think the scene the best..

Short stories_The kiss

a) Based on the activitiy 2.1,what is your opinion obout Periappa as a whole?
> he was likeable sort of person,in his own way.. he have a bad behaviour.he also hot temper,and cruel.periappa so abusive

b) Shouldn't the narrator kiss or not his uncle for the last respect?Give you reason.
> he should kiss his uncle for the last respect because periappa is his uncle.

Paparazzi are all over the world

In 2008,paparazzi sued and lost his case against actor Keanu Reeves claiming that Reeves hit him with his car after he left his friend's house.The photographer also claimed that he was unable to work since the accident stating that his hand was permanently injured and investigated and filmed still working using the said injured hand and shown to have many inconsistencies in his story.

In your opinion,who were guilty between Keanu Reeves and paparazzi in the court case?Give two reasons.
>both of them were guilty
>paparazzi because paparazzi disseminate story Keanu Reeves,and make he not satisfy with him.
> Keanu Reeves also guilty because he make wrongdoing that he hit paparazzi with his car after he left his friend's house.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

10 good habits that i always do in my daily life

1) I always wake up early to perform my morning prayer as a Muslim

2) I take bath twice a day to keep myself clean and healthy

3) Brushing my teeth is a must before i take my bath

4) On every Saturday i wash my dirty clothing

5) Everyday i must take a breakfast

6) I like to listen to good music

7) I like to help my mother to do housework

8) I always iron my cloth so as to look smart

9) I dislike dirty toilet and i often clean it

10) I always sweep clean draims around my house