Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My First Day in Ramadhan Month

Assalamualaikum hi..all my friends,Masha Allah ...it a great news for me.Alhamdullilah i was  preparing myself mentally for ramadhan.It already something very positive ....Don't worry much about it ... Fasting it for Allah ....i just take a sahur .... which may consist of a consistent meal .... like cereals and milk and a fruits if i able and glasses of water and maybe a date also...And insyaAllah ...i would see the miracle... Maybe on the first day i may find my smotch roaring ....it quiet normal.The first one are hard ...but with zikir i would find it easy.No worry surely after the 3rd one my body would adapt to it and insyaAllah i would find it easy ...
It not about eating ...the more i eat ..the heavier  and that not good for me ...i would feel sleepy and not active and fit ...
Eat enough at sahur for me are satisfied and Allah would make easy for me
Maybe if i having some apprehension try to fast one or two time before...on Monday or Thursday
But ...i tell you something ...the fasting of ramadhan hold it blessing and it miracle...
Pray for Allah ....HE make easy what he see as difficult.
Nothing is easy except why Allah make easy for us

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Daniel's situation

Your friends,Daniel cheats his parents about the pocket money.Daniel said to them that he wanted to buy books,yet he used that money` to buy ecstasy pills.Daniel is also mixing with other drug addicts who are also involved in other crimes like snatch-theft and drug dealing.you know his parents well and they keep asking you about their child.how are you going to explain to them?(you must tell every single thing that you know to his parents.)

These questions might help you to tell Daniel's situation to his parents.

1)What kind of drug that he takes?
>he takes a ecstasy pills.

2)When and where usually he takes the drugs?
>usually he takes the stuff,when he back from school,and he likes take this drug at backstreet.

3)From whom he gets the drugs?
>he get the drugs from his friend also are drug dealing and from other drug addicts.

4)Does he have friends who take drugs together with him and who are they?
>yes he have...and this friends from our class..

5)What should his parents do to help him?
 > control his pocket money
 >don't believe him to much
 >they should know who's his friend, and where he want go...
 >sent him to serenity centre
 >give him advice
 >take care about him 
 >keep asking his best friend