Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Paparazzi are all over the world

In 2008,paparazzi sued and lost his case against actor Keanu Reeves claiming that Reeves hit him with his car after he left his friend's house.The photographer also claimed that he was unable to work since the accident stating that his hand was permanently injured and investigated and filmed still working using the said injured hand and shown to have many inconsistencies in his story.

In your opinion,who were guilty between Keanu Reeves and paparazzi in the court case?Give two reasons.
>both of them were guilty
>paparazzi because paparazzi disseminate story Keanu Reeves,and make he not satisfy with him.
> Keanu Reeves also guilty because he make wrongdoing that he hit paparazzi with his car after he left his friend's house.

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