Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Husband Material

1) write in about 50 words about marriage from your point of view after reading "Husband Material".
- in my opinion, marriage is about happiness life and i think..

2) will you choose your own spouse or just let your parents to do that? Justify your answer?
- I will like let my parents to do that for me,because I'm don't like to look find one for me.. because i was born as a Muslim an i strictly follow Islam as a way of life.Muslim parents are actually the persons to choose a going to be husband for their daughter.Of course the parents will have discussions first before accepting the proposal.I'm loyal and obedient to my parents and i believed that their choice made by them i should be more happier ever after and hopeful be blessed by God Almighty

3) What is the meaning of 'husband material' based on dictionary and from your understanding?
> Husband material is husband character.. and from my understanding i would like to say 

4) Give at least two moral values you can learn from "Husband Material".Explain your answer with textual evidence..
> Sex before married not good for teenager
> Don't give your heart 100% to man

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